Character Portrait + Watercolor Artist

My goal is to tell stories through the pencil and brush, whether it's an inspiration of mine that I would like to share or an inspiration of yours that you'd like to capture.

I enjoy creating art and collaborating with my clients where they can just express themselves freely and completely. To me, a commission is not another order to get done but an opportunity for me to help others capture a special moment in their lives and create an experience where they can celebrate it in the most unique and meaningful way.


Creative collaboration

Humor balanced with art

Attentive listening with the other person in mind
No compromise. Work to the highest standards
Giving Back, being grateful & making a difference in my own way
Express a meaningful sentiment and story behind every piece




My artistic journey started in Manila with a degree in Marketing from De La Salle University. I found myself deep in Learning and Development as a Management Trainer and while I liked what I did, it wasn't what I loved. In 2009, I left my job to pursue art by enrolling in a basic 3D animation and multimedia course. Eight thousand hours and 1 demo reel later, I abandoned it. Although it was art, there was still something missing. Between 2010 and 2014, my resilient search and self-studying evolved into two skill sets, Character Portraits and Watercolor Story Paintings, injecting humor, elegance and cleverly hidden images that provide depth and context to the overall sentiment of each piece. 

I am currently living in Vancouver, working on several projects that involve abstract animal art and enjoy commission work collaborating with my clients to capture their own meaningful stories told through their eyes and my interpretation.


Art, much like any endeavor worth pursuing, is very personal. The tactile feel of pencil on paper or laying down the first wash, brushing that bead of water and pigment down the paper, is both exciting and relaxing. Art to me is a reflection of the self. Each painting that I do has a meaningful message or story to be shared whether they are of animals, places or people.


Norman Rockwell's rendering of human expressions, the pure color and ala prima style of Charles Reid, the atmospheric feel and calligraphic short hand of a Joseph Zbukvic or the moodiness and bold strokes of an Alvaro Castagnet painting have contributed much to my own journey to discovering my style.


There are lots of things to take inspiration from yet the dizzying pace of life as we know it will always get in the way. My art has allowed me to experience moments where all I can be, is just be. Present. If we can find more of these moments, we would be reminded to slow down, appreciate and cherish the one life we have and the world around us with a different set of eyes.


I hope that my art can convey that same feeling and promote stories that inspire or capture memories that can be relived over and over again, each time it is viewed.



"Brod is creative and detailed in his work and easy to work with. If you have a chance to look at his blog, you can see that he wants to make people happy with his artwork but at the same time, he wants to deliver inspirational messages. I think this is the most crucial element an artist must possess. I truly believe he has a lot to offer and he is very reliable, timely, consistent and original."


~ Michelle Lim, Registered Acupuncturist

"I came to know Brod as an artist over the last few years and he never ceases to amaze me with the breadth of his talent. I have personally seen a great deal of his work and I find myself looking forward to seeing each new project he finishes. I find that Brod’s latest work is very good at telling a story. Every time I look at one of these pieces of art, I find something new in it to pique my interest. From pencil sketched to water colors to digital art renderings, Brod constantly produces accurate and thought-provoking works. I have yet to see one of his works that does not make me smile."

~ Patrick Thomas, Subject Matter Expert

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