The day they came into our lives was when we knew what giving really meant and then receiving absolutely everything back. Everyone thinks they have the best dog in the world, and rightfully so. Mine was a mini-dachshund, Chiquita, that i sometimes affectionately called, midget dog. She was the heartbeat at my feet but is now running free in the park in the sky, ears flapping in the wind, chasing balloons and cats, ripping up tissue paper & eating all the cream puffs her little tummy could handle.

Below are some of the dog breeds I have created. When viewing the PAWtraits, let the sequence animate by moving your eyes across from left to right. You will notice that the dogs come to life and hopefully then you will what they've been trying to say.


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Fine Art Prints are available on all designs.

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Want something off the leash that is more personalized for your pup? I am now accepting commissions. Click on the mailbox and let me know what you have in mind.