Whether you are a cat mom, dog dad or any other pet parent in between, our pets are more than just animals. They are family. just like any other family member, they too, have their own quirks, mood and personality. to them, we are not pet owners, but their moms, their dads, their best friends. If you have experienced this special bond with your own fur or feathered-kids, then

                                                                       this is for you.

               WHAT ARE PAWTRAITS?

PAWtraits are Pet Personality Portraits, capturing their behavior in a sequence of 5 movements,

stamped with a seal of affection in the image of their own paw print. 


The image below is a sample of one that I did for my very own mini-dachshund, Chiquita, using the colors of her favorite Chinese-inspired costume. Every time she saw it, she would get so excited but then tries to stay very still so i can put it on her and when it's on, she knows what time it is: Time to paint the park red. This was a gift to my aunt rose as a thank you for  her care & for being part of her life  when Chiqui needed us the most.

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​"She hears my voice but I'm not there. She looks around & then I am found. "


There are three types of pet portraits that I offer and the colors can be absolutely anything. i can make it match their fur, their favorite color, your home surroundings, anything is  possible.  Click on any of the icons below to meet some of our furry or feathery friends featured in their own gallery and I'll see you there!