3 years ago I had heard about this huge annual watercolor festival that takes place somewhere in Italy where all Watercolor Masters, artists, enthusiasts go. It has been a dream of mine to participate in something like this and now, 2019, I am honored to be one of the representatives of Canada at the Fabriano in Acquarello Festival in Italy. Thank you to Alfonso L. Tejada for the opportunity. Ciao Italy, here I come, a presto!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Fabriano! More posts to come. This reminds me very much of the El Camino but this time, less walking and more art!

There were master demonstrations like this. Two mastros painting together, Cesc Farre and Pablo Ruben Sans.

There were plenty demos every day, one with Christian Flores who showed us his watercolor "secret" to painting the way he does.

This was the first painting I had done in Fabriano of two mastros painting together.

One of the cool activities at the festival is what I call it the Watercolor Train.

I think this group painting stretched up to 100 meters.

Every 5 minutes we move forward to work on what the previous artist had painted.

Super cool to see how it all starts and develops.

We painted on rice paper, sponsored by the China team.

Thank you Pandy Singian for the pictures!

Min Dahm from Poland, Tiger Milk from Poland as well, Rahul Chakraborty from India and yours truly!