Payne's Gray was the  color of choice, hence the title No Payne's No Gains.

it all started with with this painting

as a form of practice to hone my skillz.

I called this my "No Payne's No Gains" series.


before long, i had payne-ted 26 scenes of vancouver in 30 days.

One "Gain" that happened was that Science World featured my painting of Science World on their page!



The series ended when i ran out.

I was in the middle of painting the last one and ran out. I dissected the tube to see if there was enough left to use and found gold!


a call to artists was sent out

and i answered the call with these three from the series

New Year's Announcment.jpg

I was chosen!


I will be showing with 2 other talented & amazing artists:

sandrine pellisier (linoprints)

 lesley macgregor (photography)

This will be my first show...ever!

Another "Gain" from the series.

North Shore News.JPG

if you've been following my no payne's no gains series on instagram, the ones to be exhibited will be all new.

  Allow me to reintroduce you to the fine art of

Water & Color





My vision |  One tube of pigment  | Scenes of Vancouver


1414 Argyle Ave,
West Vancouver

March 12, 2019


Questions, comments, reactions?
If not, hope to see you there!

Thanks for submitting!